Your website is the home of your business on the internet.

Digital Spot is a creative Digital Marketing Agency offering a wide range of service including Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing.

Website Development

A website is your first impression and we all know, first impressions last. It is highly unlikely that a consumer visits your office, but they do visit your website.

Website should be part of your communication strategy. How it looks and what it says is very important.

Search Engine Optimization

When someone decides to engage with a brand, be it a purchase decision or just research, more often than not, web is the first interaction with your organization. More than 90% of the traffic coming to any website is through a search engine.

If your site is not in the top 10 results, it is more likely that you will not get the right audience.

Our SEO experts audit your site and recommend changes as per global benchmarks. Based on the recommendations, on site and off site SEO is managed. Important thing to note here is that SEO is a continuous process and effects come in time.

Digital Marketing

Internet is now the most rapidly growing medium. Be it research to buy something or watching your favorite show, time spent on the net is now much higher then reading a newspaper or even watching TV.

The beauty of this medium is that you can show your customer the content you want them to see and influence their buying patrons. Moreover, the marketing ROI is 100%, specially in CPC/PPC campaigns.

So no marketing dollar spent is wasted and no assumptions in who saw your content. Its about the right audience at the right time.

Our media experts are available for a discussion and helping you understand more. Call us.


Shopping experience today is all about convenience and reach. With billions of internet users with active social media presence and around 80% of them using a mobile device to connect, we can not ignore this medium.

Our Digital Commerce solution covers Web, Mobile and Social.

An integrated system that covers all touch points, engaging potential customers on all digital fronts, our solution is unique in a lot of ways. Be it a domestic, national or international marketplace, our Digital Commerce Solution has the capacity to handle it all.

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